Equipment in Department of Zoology
Equipment in Clinical and Aqua laboratory
-Photo Electric calorimeter
- Slide projector
-Spectophotometer –UV visible
-Paper electrophoresis
-Sub marine electrophoresis
-Rotory Microtome
-SDS page Teaching kit
-Research laboratory centrifuge
-Inoculation chamber (UV cabinet)
-Bacteriodogicel incubator
-Water analyser
-Water and Soil Analyser
-Plasma TV with MANA TV Provision
-Blood Cell counter
-Blood Analyser
-Salinity meter
-Conductivity meter
-PH meter
-Virtual labs for Dissections

Water and Soil Analyzer
Learning Methodology:
Plasma TV

·         Students are learning their subject in detail and with audiovisual mode through videos for every topics in all papers.

Virtual labs installed in the Zoology lab:

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